Affordable Group Text Messaging

$15 a month and one cent per text!

Why Use Text?

Group text

The right people

Precisely deliver your message to who you want, rather than wasting money on blanket advertising.


The right time

Send your message now or schedule later. Send people your lunch specials just when they are debating where to eat. Whatever the message, get it to the right people at the right time.

One number

93% of texts are read

Compare this to email, where only 25% are ever opened, texting becomes a clear choice to get past the noise.

Simple Pricing


$15 per month for the service

No hidden fees.

1 cent per text message

That's a thousand excited people seeing your message just when you want them to for ten bucks!

Billed for what you use

No credits lost each month, or locked into a constant plan when your use varies. We just charge you for what you use. Period.

Transparant balance

Your balance is always shown, so you know what you've spent so far in the current billing cycle.

What You Get

Your own local number

No sharing one random phone number with other organizations. Choose your own. It's yours. We won't text our friends with it. Pinky swear.

Unlimited groups and keywords

No charges like the other guys for these extras. Use keywords like "join" and "yes" to let people join your groups, rather than the leftovers after others have grabbed the good ones.

Cancel anytime

No long-term contracts. If you are done with us, pay your bill and let us go. We know it's you, not us. It's okay . . .

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